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Limits Beyond The Sky

WHO we are

Its a policy of MAC to provide a reliable, and unbeatable standard of services to

its customers and maintain and operate training services to the highest standards of quality in compliance with Uganda Civil Aviation Regulations (UCARs). This policy includes the organization’s commitment to compliance with established standards, meeting customer requirements, and continuous improvement.

air traffic control

flight dispatch


We provide opportunities to succeed

At MAC, we always keep up with the trends in the Aviation field and are always aware of the opportunities there. That is why we provide some of the most competitive and trending courses in the Aviation industry, and we are fully dedicated to helping our students succeed in the field in whichever course they desire to do.

We equip them with all the knowledge they need to stand out and be successful in the field wherever they go.

our focus


Comprehensive Theory

We provide you with the best content delivered to you by a team of professional instructors who are wholly devoted and dedicated to your success. For every course we offer, we believe knowing the reasons why things are done the way they are done is critical for success in the field. This is why we pay close attention to the content we deliver in our theory classes before we get into practical work.


We know that no student can be truly complete without experience of the practical aspects of what they have studied in class. That is why we ensure that our practical classes are thorough enough to cover every necessary field aspect of the content studied. Each student is important and as such we ensure that each on has the chance to get it right before they step out into the real world.

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